Reimbursement Therapy

I am a recognized psychologist, which means that you can benefit of a partial reimbursement of the sessions you have with me. Depending on the type of medical insurance you have, you can be reimbursed starting with 10 euro/session up to 80% of the amount. The number of sessions reimbursed depends also on your insurance contract, going from 6 up to 20 sessions per year. In order to benefit of the reimbursement, you need to provide me with a form which you can download and print from the insurance website. This form will be filled in, stamped and signed, each session and, in the end, you will have to submit it to your insurance. Here are a few examples: Mutualité Chretienne, Mutualité Socialiste, Partena Mut, Partena, Freie, Mutualité Liberale,  Omnimut, DKV, OZ etc.

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