I am a professional psychologist and wellbeing trainer with extensive experience with international companies and corporations (Banks, IT companies, Health Institutions, Pharmaceutical and Food companies based in Benelux). Most of my recent activity as a trainer was done for WorkPlaceOptions. Also, most of my activity as a trainer is in English. Nevertheless, occasionally, I am asked to deliver trainings in the other languages I speak.
What about my way of training? I am passionate about facilitating discussions between participants. I prefer interaction, since it is the best way to motivate people to think and change. I invite the participants to step in and share their experiences in the field. I find pride and satisfaction in helping others develop new ways of thinking, in challenging their habits, in inviting them to dare, to learn and to grow. Here under I mention some examples of trainings and workshops I did in the last couple of years.

Co-active Coaching and de Impact on de Brain
Helping Clients Confront their Irrational Beliefs
Understanding and Identifying Mental Illness
Recognizing a Troubled Employee
Recognizing and Assisting Employees with Mental Health Concerns
Building Resilience for Managers
Checking in, Let’s Talk about Mental Health
Mindfulness Matters
Maximizing your Day, Effective Time Management
Healthy Mind Toolkit
Path to Inner Peace
Eating your Way to Wellness
Managing Long Term Sick Leave
Supporting your Colleague After Long Term Sick Leave
Understanding Resilience
Building Positive Relationships
Coping With Change
Mental Health Awareness for Managers
Mental Health Drives Performance
Coping with Stress and Growing Resilience
Changing Relationships: You and Your Aging Parents
Employee and Family Solutions
Building Positive Relations at Work
Compassion and Self-Compassion
Creating a Resilient Mindset
Switching Off- Preventing Digital Burn-Out
Maintaining your Composure During the Outbreak
Say what you Mean the Right Way

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