Client’s Rights

The law of 10 May 2015 on the exercise of health care professions and the law on patients’ rights

Information adapted on September 26, 2016

As a licensed health professional, since September 1, 2016, clinical psychologists must meet a number of additional legal requirements. These new obligations are set out in the law of May 10, 2015 on the exercise of health care professions (the former Royal Decree 78). Clinical psychologists must also respect the provisions of the Patient Rights Act.

Below you will find an overview of these new regulations, in which we mention each time the articles of the law of May 10, 2015 on the professions of health care as well as the articles of the code of ethics that correspond to them. Indeed, most of the new provisions are already found to some extent in the code of ethics.

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Continuity of care

Freedom of diagnosis and therapeutic freedom

Obligation to send a client / patient if necessary to another professional

Entitlement to fees or lump sum payments

Agreements concerning the use of premises, staff or equipment

Unjustified benefits and prohibition of dichotomy

The law on the rights of the patient

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