Prevent stress and psychological problems (group)

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Psycho-Somatic procedures, Preventive psychology, Counseling, Couch and Support

Several aspects characterize mental health such as personal growth, sense of purpose, self-acceptance, and positive relationship with other people. On the other hand, mental and emotional health is highly influenced by environmental factors such as, family life, social life and life at the workplace. To strengthen our inner psychological balance and prevent thus any sufferance, I propose you psychosomatic group sessions.

The psychosomatics exercises are a mind/body practice that, with sustained effort, can improve health, promote mental and emotional well-being, and promises to further our understanding of the human life. In other words they refer to the art of using and controlling life energy. By focussing the mind within and adopting physical movements or breathing exercises, the practitioner optimizes the functioning of his or her own life processes, such as attention, mental flexibility, awareness, emotional expression, etc. In so doing, energy is increased and psychic blockages are cleared. Their main effect is a healthier state of mind and body.

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